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Don’t know if you know that i love to bake [and eat] bread. A few years ago, I got myself the Bread Baker’s Apprentice book and ever since i’ve been baking my own bread. I now am more confident and experiment a lot more, but every once in a while i get lazy and buy bread or bake a no knead bread which is a basic dough that you really don’t knead and the fermentation’s is quite fast. A friend of mine once shared with me this recipe for a no knead beer bread and it’s one of my favorite bread to make in an afternoon. It has a delicious taste and texture.
bread making.
Today was one of those days that i wanted a loaf of bread bit didn’t want to wait the 2 days of the process, and I took the opportunity to share and teach my son to make this easy yummy bread. So, he was actually in charge of 80% of the making-of-the-bread process. Not so great photos but it’s night and i couldn’t wait :D

bread making.

bread making.
Go make this bread, it’s awesome.

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  1. Ulises Says:

    it is super yummy.

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