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Parque Nacional Constitución de 1857

Like I mentioned last post, we went to the mountains this past weekend to camp, hike and watch the perseids meteor shower. It had been two years since we last went to the sierra, to the Parque Nacional Constitución de 1857, to be precise, and because it was a last minute decision, we enjoyed it even more. We left thursday and came back to Tijuana saturday. It’s not a long drive from Tijuana, around 3 to 4 hours depending on how many stops you make. And while we’re talking about stops, i do recommend one stop to buy local “Real del Castillo” cheese at a shop by the side of the road, about 20 minutes from Ensenada, it’s called Abarrotes el Crucero. Once we arrived, we set up camp and made hot soup for dinner. Before we left Tijuana, Ulises called the park to see how the weather was and the ranger said it was very nice, hot but not too hot, and sweater weather at night. Yeeaaaahh.. it was colder than that at night and i think, suspected, because of recent rains. We stayed up late and watched the meteor shower. I think it’s been one of the most active showers i’ve seen in years and I’m sure it was because we were in the middle of the mountains. That night i did feel cold when we went to bed, goo thing i took more blankets than what Ulises said would be sufficient.

Parque Nacional Constitución de 1857
wild flowers.

Next morning we made pancakes for breakfast and waited the heat out. It was hot hot hot!! The little one got impatient waiting because he really wanted to see if the lake had any water, but judging from what we could see from out camping site, it appeared to be dry. Did a little hiking, some reading (finished Stardust by Neil Gaiman:) and did some exploring around the shade. At around noon, we started to see lightning and hear thunder across where the lake is, and over the mountains. A big storm appeared to be moving north, just west from the Lake camping sites. We really really thought, by how we saw the wind moving, that the storm would pass just west of us… riiiight. We went up hiking Hanson Peak and right when we were near the top, we stopped to see the view and I saw the rain coming our way. We headed down as fast [and safely] as we could but the rain caught up with us and we ended stranded in a small cover. We had to waited out because there was no way we could walk to where we camped, about 20 minuted away and not be completely and utterly soaked and covered in mud. After about 20 minuted of intense rain, 10 more of light rain, we started walking back. No photos of the rain because our phones and camera was packed in a ziplock bag, at least we were prepared.

Parque Nacional Constitución de 1857
Hiking up the mountain, just before the storm fell on us.Parque Nacional Constitución de 1857

The rest of the day was great. Not saying that the thunder storm wasn’t great, it was, it was beautiful, just that getting soaked like that wasn’t as fun hehehe. We did make a couple of doggie friends on our walk back to camp (no photo of them either). By nighttime, the sky was clear. The meteor shower still pretty active.


The next day was our time to leave. We took the road at around noon so we could stop as much as we wanted and still arrive home by the afternoon.
I think a month ago, or maybe two, there was a fire near the National Park and it left a lot of the vegetation burnt and a grim landscape. One a positive note, life has started to flourish and bloom in what was left.

I enjoyed the spontaneity of this trip and to have the chance to see the Perseids this year was also a great experience.

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