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can't decide.

Hello! Good Friday! Days have been flying by so fast lately, it’s sometimes good (hello season 5 GoT premier this Sunday!) but sometimes not so good when I want the days to feel a bit longer.
I’ve been thinking for months about this blog. I love to have a place to share what i’m doing, a personal and work space to write more than what one shares compared to facebook, twitter or instagram, and i’ve kind of lost my pace here. And the more i thought about the the more things didn’t seem clear, starting with how ‘velcro’ looks. So i changed the theme/look to a temporary one, just to stop thinking about it too much while i decide what to do about it. In the content side of things, i’m making a plan to get my vibe on again, because i love this blog, i love when i go back to posts from years ago and remember and i really do enjoy writing here.
One thing at a time.

Have a lovely weekend. I’ll be back with a shop update.

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