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As I mentioned back in April, I’m co-organizing the CreativeMornings here in Tijuana, along with my friend Kathy. And so far it’s been great. We had a bit of a difficult time getting sponsors for the coffee and food that accompany each event but once word of mouth took over, we’ve been so lucky to have the wonderful support of local sponsors. Yay!
So here’s a mix of photos from our creative mornings:

06-27-2014 CreativeMornings Tijuana MINIMAL 024

06-27-2014 CreativeMornings Tijuana MINIMAL 083

06-27-2014 CreativeMornings Tijuana MINIMAL 075

06-27-2014 CreativeMornings Tijuana MINIMAL 041
CreativeMornings Tijuana - May Freedom

05-30-2014 CreativeMornings Tijuana 128

05-30-2014 CreativeMornings Tijuana 009

05-30-2014 CreativeMornings Tijuana 186

Abril 2014 - CreativeMornings/Tijuana

I’m also the photographer for the chapter.
If you’re in the SD/Tij area and would like to attend a CretiveMorning, check out our page and facebook.

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  1. meli Says:

    muchas felicidades CMT team! bonitas fotos :D
    aca su #1 fan de lejittos, espero un día acompañarlos a mis fellow morning people <3

  2. Vanessa Ramos Says:

    si, yo también espero que coincida una de tus visitas.

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