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  • Apr

Con mis primos y Abuela

Translation: Happy kids day!

I have no idea if it’s an international day of celebration or if it’s just in México, but today is a special day for every child in this country. When i was little, this was one of my favorite holidays: there wes always a celebration at school, a few gifts and lots of cake and candy! haha! What more does a kid want? Nowadays, I don’t pay much attention to these kinds of holidays although i do think about what it means to my kid. It probably is a fun day for him. I was joking with him this morning and I said to him that to celebrate today, i would only feed him candy for his meals. All candy, all day. He said no. He said he would sneak when i wasn’t watching and grab food from the fridge. I had a good laugh. He didn’t seem to think it was funny.



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