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i made bread.

I’ve been experimenting with bread baking for a few weeks with the awesome Bread Baker’s Apprentice {which i got after vegandad blogged about every single recipe, it sealed the deal for me}. I’m not great at it, yet. I have made a few crazy yummy loafs and a couple of rustic breads that turned out more like ciabatta, which is cool with me. This one, in the picture above, was my third attempt at the white bread loaf, the first one didn’t rise well because of the friggin’ cold {my house is very, very cold all winter} and the second one was bound to be gorgeous but i took it out earlier and the middle was a raw dough mess.
Because i’m not an expert, i won’t get all into tips and whatnot {read the vegandad post, he’s da boss}, besides, the book by itself has all the tips and information you need and want to make bread. If you want to learn how to bake your very yummy gorgeous bread, get the book and get your geek on and quite possibly gain more than a few pounds.

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