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I’m preparing dyed backpacks this week and today i’m making color tests and deciding on just 5 or 6 colors for the first pieces for spring. I’m starting this year late with the ziazia production but i’m feeling great about this collection. You can follow me on instagram if you like, i post peeks there often, as well as just day to day photos and art work. Wishing you all a wonderful start of the week.

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this means it's sunday.

My mom bakes on the weekends and I get to taste what ever she makes on sunday. Today was especially nice because it was raining and carrot cake goes oh so well with coffee.

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01-22-2015 002

I have been drawing a lot. Some of these drawing are available for sale but i haven’t added a store on my site (hopefully soon i will) but if you’re interested in any, send me an email. :)
This one was one of the drawing that i didn’t show in my December solo show.

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06-27-2014 CreativeMornings Tijuana MINIMAL 024

This friday will be the 9th CreativeMornings/Tijuana event and we’re pretty darn proud of it. If i haven’t mentioned it before, i’m the co-organizer. This month’s theme is “Ugly” (more on that here) and we have the architect Rene Peralta as a speaker.

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01-04-2015 003

I want to take more photos of my family and me.
More photos in general.
And to print them out and frame them.
To build photo albums, actual physical photo albums.
The 365 photo project i did a couple of years ago turned out so great because i had documented all of our year, and it made me really think of that one photo a day and make it the best i could.
I want that again.
Let’s do this. (A little late in the month to start but it’s all good).

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sketching muscles.

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new web site.

Happy new year! How was your new year’s celebration? I spent it at home with a quiet diner and movies.
I totally forgot to share my new website. It’s for all my art work and photos, although i do have recent ziazia work.

Hope you have a great weekend.

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11-14-2014  002

11-14-2014 001

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paper heart.
Wishing you a wonderful, loving and peaceful thanksgiving day.
Hug your loved ones and kiss them all you can. :D

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Still preparing a lot of new work.
This is what my work area looks like these days.

I’m going to move hosting soon and probably change the blog a bit. It’s been like this for so long and it’s time for somethin’ somethin’ to change. Mix it up.
That and it’s about time for me to get a proper web site. I’m getting to that soon also.



That’s it for today.
Hope you have a good {rest of the} week.