changes, maybe.

can't decide.

Hello! Good Friday! Days have been flying by so fast lately, it’s sometimes good (hello season 5 GoT premier this Sunday!) but sometimes not so good when I want the days to feel a bit longer.
I’ve been thinking for months about this blog. I love to have a place to share what i’m doing, a personal and work space to write more than what one shares compared to facebook, twitter or instagram, and i’ve kind of lost my pace here. And the more i thought about the the more things didn’t seem clear, starting with how ‘velcro’ looks. So i changed the theme/look to a temporary one, just to stop thinking about it too much while i decide what to do about it. In the content side of things, i’m making a plan to get my vibe on again, because i love this blog, i love when i go back to posts from years ago and remember and i really do enjoy writing here.
One thing at a time.

Have a lovely weekend. I’ll be back with a shop update.

spring coin purses.

coin purse. dip dyed ziazia.

Hi all! I’ve been taking photos of the new pieces, totes, coin purses and other goodies, styled and more of an ‘in use’ idea, not only to show the size and, well, use, but because i really like to see what i make in use.
This one is the coin purse, also available in other colors.
I’m very excited and inspired for spring.

around here.

Here are some peeks at how it’s been looking around my work area.




Testing out a new small bag. I’m using this prototype myself so i can polish the details before i make the first batch. And i’m still making more toiletry bags and photographing the ones ready to list.

ziazia for the dudes.

sneak peek.

I’ve been meaning to incorporate a few pieces to the ziazia repertoire that are made with specific uses that men might find useful. Like this one above that i designed (keeping it very simple) when my guy asked me for a toiletry bag.
What do you think?
I got thumbs up from ulises.