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work in progrss.

I’m currently finishing a piece for an exhibition, a group show that i was invited to participate in with the amazing and talented Colectivo MArtes (mujeres en las artes, is a work play which means women in the arts in spanish). The exhibition will open August 29th in CECUT.

Here’s a peek at my process.

work in progrss.

work in progrss.

work in progrss.

Estoy actualmente terminando una pieza para una exhibición colectiva a la que me invitó a participar el talentoso Colectivo MArtes (mujeres en las artes). La exposición inaugurará el 28 de agosto en el CECUT.

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custom made bag.
custom made bag.

I made this pouch as a custom order. I’m really happy with how it turned out, so much that i want one for myself, just to use as a clutch.

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fabric texture test.

In the studio. Working on a piece for a group show.
More news as soon as they’re public. :D

Trabajando en el estudio en una pieza para una colectiva.
Les comparto todo en cuanto haya info pública.

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punta banda.

I’m crossing ‘go to the beach’ off my list for the summer.

Cruzando ‘ir a la playa’ de mi lista de verano :)

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conociendo a f. hinojosa.

The day when the little one met his favorite author at the city book fair.

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the beach

How about a weekend at the beach?
Yes, that would be lovely.

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As I mentioned back in April, I’m co-organizing the CreativeMornings here in Tijuana, along with my friend Kathy. And so far it’s been great. We had a bit of a difficult time getting sponsors for the coffee and food that accompany each event but once word of mouth took over, we’ve been so lucky to have the wonderful support of local sponsors. Yay!
So here’s a mix of photos from our creative mornings:

06-27-2014 CreativeMornings Tijuana MINIMAL 024

06-27-2014 CreativeMornings Tijuana MINIMAL 083

06-27-2014 CreativeMornings Tijuana MINIMAL 075

06-27-2014 CreativeMornings Tijuana MINIMAL 041
CreativeMornings Tijuana - May Freedom

05-30-2014 CreativeMornings Tijuana 128

05-30-2014 CreativeMornings Tijuana 009

05-30-2014 CreativeMornings Tijuana 186

Abril 2014 - CreativeMornings/Tijuana

I’m also the photographer for the chapter.
If you’re in the SD/Tij area and would like to attend a CretiveMorning, check out our page and facebook.

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I really like having fresh herbs at home. They’re what makes food extra yummy and i do buy them from the market but I prefer growing them when i can because that way i don’t run out. Last year I didn’t grow any, actually, since I’ve had my doggy, I haven’t dedicated time to my plants and I went from being such a plant lady to having two good plants and that was more than i could handle with this doggy eating everyone of them even the cacti family I have.
And I missed my plants so so much. Once I was ready to grow new ones and buy ones with the possibility that they would be eaten by mentioned doggy, i was ok with it and, of course, i would do what i could to keep them happy and safe. I did start with a big planter filled with succulents and cacti. Once that was established and growing so happily. I made up my mind of growing herbs and tomatoes.
When I started planting the seed, i found that i didn’t have enough small planters for sprouting. My friend Carla shared with me a link for making your own with newspaper and that looked like a good idea. Yeah, i didn’t do it. Not one. Ha ha ha. And one day when I just had top plant them because I felt I was running out of spring and soon would have summer, I thought of a great idea (yes, amazing!) of using these coffee packages I’ve kept for so long because i keep pretty things like these just in case i don’t know what. Well, long story (not so) short, my babies are growing so well in them! Yey for reusing.

sprouting in empty coffee packages.

These two are parsley and cilantro. They’re holding up pretty well.
I’ll share more when they’re bigger.

How about that, huh? Pretty cool. Yep. :)

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Wow… one month goes by so fast.
That’s how long it’s been since my last post.
I was so sure i posted something last week about something? he he he. Yeah…
So i’ve been around, a little bit here, a little sewing, a little other various things.

ziazia dip dyed pouch.

I do have some new pretty dyed pouches in the shop.

ziazia dip dyed pouch.

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

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These are from the roll of film i just developed, a 35mm ektachrome cross processed, from the trip we took last august to the Constitución de 1857 National Park here in Baja. They just make me want to pack the car and take a trip this weekend.

laguna hanson 2013 020

laguna hanson 2013 016

laguna hanson 2013 007

laguna hanson 2013 005

Estas fotos son de uno de los rollos de película que acabo de revelar, son ektachrome de 35mm procesado con c41, de un viaje que hicimos al Parque Nacional Constitución de 1857. Verlas me dan ganas de ir este fin de semana sin pensarlo tanto.